East Jesus

Tubular tumblers, beakers and bottles

Glass tainted, jade misshaped

Misplaced, before stacked and coddled

Discarded dreams, drunk down the hope

Mote of reason, mime of music

Fuse it, flinch fickle the flask

Ask for season of summer to last


Scratches begin again,

Scratching tinnitus, that hollowed out grind

And the waking nightmare is burning

She thought I had forgotten,

After years and years of happy smiles,

She thought I had forgotten,

The tears on the bridge,

While the sun drowned in the ocean

Pearls of globular blue fade into sand,

The spark has fizzled out

Even the splinters on the wood feel good,

Just to blur it out

This is where I cried,

And pretend I am somewhere else

They are creeping upon me again,

Like strangers begging for attention,

Those memories I had once buried

They linger,

Just linger,

Beneath all the happy smiles,

The bubbles amongst boiling water

Foil my mind into an enraged state

And this is the trauma,

The faces of horror,

Shanked by thorns


Nefarious epoch,
stock the sickles,
Tickle the scent and hint at the ripples
Bombastic attuned,
wire the blend
Sonorous moan, drone on and fickle
Rambunctious funk,
just send in the men
Ephemeral styles,
slicked, cut and fired
Just another day,
Where I’m not admired