Untitled Poem XXXVII

Ash snowflakes creep along faded skin. Wind dances, tripping over burnt leaves, crispy and cracked - shaken from heaven and resting on rotten soil. An orange orb, behind a foggy shade, emits streaks of faded light. Out of the shadows of a collapsed tree trunk and wrapped in warm canvas, a broken child in tears.


Rotting calcium stones Allow screams to claw forth Burnt irises, slicked blackness Wasted away through thick tar Violet cloak shimmered Stretched across frayed body Scarred epidermis, stretched across muscles Pasty skin soiled by light Heartless sovereign upon righteous throne His yellow teeth are tear drops


Powder, bare and ashen Pockets of wonder Essence of mania, wasted in Light cannot refract   Space dust, clusters of aura Dreaming of black holes Clouds cluster the dark passages White globules crackle through   Crows wait in silhouette The darkness echoes Silence is this dreamscape Mere whistle of wind