Amber phallus on ceramic bend Nestled with twins throughout the night Little stalk peaks from the end Cracking the top and bountiful ripe Nibbling the tip of ribbed stem Sponge on teeth after subtle bite Before the gulp past aching phlegm And down the throat, a subtle flight


Nefarious epoch, stock the sickles, Tickle the scent and hint at the ripples Bombastic attuned, wire the blend Sonorous moan, drone on and fickle Rambunctious funk, just send in the men Ephemeral styles, slicked, cut and fired Just another day, Where I’m not admired


Eons pass before the summer glow And she speaks in pleasant haikus Nothing will change and nothing will sooth The everlong dance into the fading sun   Her voice recalls a crystalline waterfall And every sour thought results in dust When melancholy dribbles from my brain The soft melody of the muse calms the oceans