Scratches begin again, Scratching tinnitus, that hollowed out grind And the waking nightmare is burning She thought I had forgotten, After years and years of happy smiles, She thought I had forgotten, The tears on the bridge, While the sun drowned in the ocean Pearls of globular blue fade into sand, The spark has fizzled … Continue reading Thorns


Nefarious epoch, stock the sickles, Tickle the scent and hint at the ripples Bombastic attuned, wire the blend Sonorous moan, drone on and fickle Rambunctious funk, just send in the men Ephemeral styles, slicked, cut and fired Just another day, Where I’m not admired

Untitled Poem XX

Pollinated fractals seep into the night Snowflakes to the Earth White doppelgangers lift from crevice And rise into the darkness Air is moist and speaks in whispers Cool winter dust marking the sky Moulded from crescent hours Shades of smiles alight in houses Whistling gratitude to lovers


Stirring apples inside a giant pot Adding blessed herbs to boiling water Blue light flickers beneath the cauldron And a citrus aroma rinses in the air Suds rise and lather the brim The flame dampens to a whisper And bubbles weaken and submerge And the gentle beat of the pot mellows


Porcelain doll crawling through slumber Tear drop eyes, clear and cold She dreams outside of nightmares As dust collects upon her skin An android with a frozen breath Her ashen face resides in artificial light Smooth, carved by celestial touch Emerald dress caught in childhood Fountain of youth starving her death Her skin remains unbroken … Continue reading Doll