Orchids Melt When Kissed

And the flowers toy and curl as the heat kisses the soft petals

The orchids become dry

A squeal hibernates before the petals dissolve

And descend into an echoing pit

The soil churns into flavoured acid

Poison entwined with dead roots and flaky thistles

Electronica bounces off nothingness

The hollow drums lust for an echo

And the gears click, gasping

For the raging flowers have morphed into the soil

And kissed its Earthly home, goodbye

Melancholia drips from the shelf

And the liquefied eucalyptus beckons the streams

The viperous snake slithers in heat along the ashen wasteland

For the violent apple has fallen


shrunken skull, nectar of harlequin

further than faith

fallen and fiction, stitch it in

sew it up, scratch it and wonder when

all of them


wait out the


phase out the motion

soaking, drench,

drown out the wench,

fall out the fiction,

live out the nightmare,

live out the scream

Just live out the dream



hollowed core, cerebral fatigue

contractions, involuntary

stretched ligaments, the cartilage melts

snort the mucous, drown the morning

faded starlight, are you fatigued?

just breathe, speak the mind


and repeat –


Sweet pollen and the

Radiance among stars

And the cosmos.

I look across the desert

Where devil coyotes feed

Of the celestial sheep.

The mountains are like

Gaps in my memory.

Evenly spaced, filled

With dust, cosmos dust

Filtered from the heavens

And there is a

Damp, hollow cigarette burn

The acoustic black holes

Imprint on vast oceans

And now my eyes

are closed and I sleep

for one hundred years,



Until I rid myself of the

Texture of honey marshmallows

Because none of this is


Gas Mask Nightmares

There is a gas mask clasped against my face

And a foul stench of rotting strawberries engulf my lungs

The woman is patting my head, counting,

And I am sure my eyes are wide and red

All things are turning black

Cold hands massage a shoulder

An effort to comfort me, though

On increasing the anxiety

Everyone is moving around me

And the last thing I remember

Before seeing only black

Is that gas mask and the ether

That rose from plastic pores


Bittersweet acid, tumbling down
Round the cerebrum
And gorged synapses
Synthetic muck
Drained from derelict
And the tears
Wrapped round buried memories
Resurfaced and boiled
Yet, she foiled her loved ones
With smiles

Untitled Poem XIX

Stilted face, propped by prods

Sleeping eyes beneath pearl silk

In a white, ocean of sand

An eternal kingdom without motion

A canoe boiling beneath cloudless sky

Out in the nebula, a shadow of moon

Among sapphire nothingness

And sleep continues, while time haunts

The evanescence of birth