shrunken skull, nectar of harlequin further than faith fallen and fiction, stitch it in sew it up, scratch it and wonder when all of them scream, wait out the dream, phase out the motion soaking, drench, drown out the wench, fall out the fiction, live out the nightmare, live out the scream Just live out … Continue reading Nectar


hollowed core, cerebral fatigue contractions, involuntary stretched ligaments, the cartilage melts snort the mucous, drown the morning faded starlight, are you fatigued? just breathe, speak the mind cry and repeat -

Untitled Poem XIX

Stilted face, propped by prods Sleeping eyes beneath pearl silk In a white, ocean of sand An eternal kingdom without motion A canoe boiling beneath cloudless sky Out in the nebula, a shadow of moon Among sapphire nothingness And sleep continues, while time haunts The evanescence of birth