Dissatisfied being

Please hurl this

Celestial light from


Then perhaps I’ll

Sleep and not suffer the gore

In my gut again

Pills popped, now pollution

And this celestial being

Will spin within

The man-made vortex

He has created for


Ethanol is the Weak Mans Drug.

Issued constantly

Will only make man

Weaker and speak


I try not to live

In this vortex I’ve


I ‘am vexed when I do.

Though some days

Don’t have enough


And I wish for a


So I can start


Like a




Porcelain doll crawling through slumber

Tear drop eyes, clear and cold

She dreams outside of nightmares

As dust collects upon her skin

An android with a frozen breath

Her ashen face resides in artificial light

Smooth, carved by celestial touch

Emerald dress caught in childhood

Fountain of youth starving her death

Her skin remains unbroken

Free of acidic mucous

In the night, the flies crawl

Through her frayed horsehair

She speaks no words

There is merely a blend of frost and wonder

settled within her soul


Black holes cascade over the night sky

Voids of nothingness sprinkled between

Trees and vapours of clouds

Everything is crisp and ripe

But then the crickets scream

And something howls

And the black hole drags dusty sand

Out among the stars

The mountains crumble and separate

And the oceans twirl and evaporate

And the earth begins to fade

The words begin to fade

And globules of nothingness appear

The night dragging the landscape

Out into the void


Purple flames, brooding and supple

Licking air like crisp little bubbles

Amber innards, sand upon the beach

Overlapping the lilac treats

Pulsing fractals spreading across the petal

Reaching across silk, crafting its fettle

Light pierces the fabric skin

And the plum silk becomes thin

Droplets magnify the lilac strip

Drooping the petals from their lip

But the heat roasts the orchid’s birth

And the orchid melts into the earth


That crow is dying

Yeah, its squawk speaks pain

Somewhere in that tree

Above the flayed bark

That crow is dying

Beyond the wind

Beyond the wind

Beyond the leaves

The skeleton branches

And pockets of dirt

Clumps that form

From leaves and sand

Black sand soiled

By the sun; apple core

Meshed like giant seeds

Above, or somewhere between

That crow is dying


Electric mood

spoons clatter

Splatter boiling coffee

The monsters crawl

through the lights

Spluttering smoke

and exhaustion

To their steaming hives

Twisted and vexed by

Word jumbles

Tumbling lyrical rumbles

Down the chocolate syrup

Flow through caffeinated nights